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Technical Resources

A Comprehensive Library of Technical Information on Concrete Pressure Pipe

ACPPA is the global authority on the use of concrete pressure pipe (CPP) in the water and wastewater industries, and offers technical information and design assistance in a wide range of subject areas and formats.

Corrosion Protection

Concrete Cylinder Pipe has consistently demonstrated longevity and reliability when properly installed in most natural environments. This resource provides information concerning the most common adverse environments one may encounter, and the precautionary measures that may be needed to minimize the likelihood of corrosion and ensure pipeline integrity in harsh conditions.

Design Considerations

CPP is engineered and manufactured to meet the specific needs of a project. This resource discusses the diversity of design possibilities offered by CPP, and details the advantages of CPP over competing pipeline systems.

Design Programs

ACPPA offers two software programs to assist manufacturers, consultants and owners in the design of pipelines using CPP.

Repair Guide

All pipe ages and breaks or is accidentally cut, drilled, or otherwise damaged either during installation or when in service. Concrete pressure pipe can often be repaired in place, frequently without taking the pipeline out of service, following simple, logical procedures to restore structural integrity of the pipe and corrosion protection for the pipe steel. Descriptions of the various types of concrete pressure pipe in use throughout North America and methods for repairing each are presented in ACPPA’s Repair Guide.

Plant Tours

ACPPA members’ manufacturing facilities are strategically located around the world. Each plant offers tremendous learning opportunities for consultants, owners, inspectors, contractors, educators, students and others involved in the water and wastewater industries. Tours can include pipe design, quality control, manufacturing, hydrostatic testing and final product inspection. To arrange a plant tour, contact ACPPA.

Quality Assurance

ACPPA manages an independent, voluntary audit program to certify compliance with all applicable AWWA standards for the design and manufacture of concrete pressure pipe.

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