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Articles by Corrosion Engineer Sylvia C. Hall, P.E.

Sylvia Hall Articles and Report Highlights

1994 – Corrosion 94 – Analysis of Monitoring Techniques for Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe

1994 – Materials Performance – Cathodic Protection Studies on Coal Tar Epoxy-Coated Concrete Pressure Pipe

1995 – ASCE Pipelines – Cathodic Protection Requirements of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe 

1996 – NACE Paper 330 – Prestressed Concrete Pipe Corrosion Research – A Summary of a Decade of Activities

1998 – ASCE Pipelines – Corrosion Control of Prestressed Concrete (Embedded) Cylinder Pipe

1998 – Corrosion 98, Paper 637 – Cathodic Protection Criteria for Prestressed Concrete Pipe

1998 – Materials Performance – Cathodic Protection Criteria for Prestressed Concrete Pipe – An Update (2018)

2002 – City of Los Angeles Tests 48 Year Old T-Lock Protected Pipe and 72 Year Old Tile Lined Pipe

2004 – AWWARF – External Corrosion and Corrosion Control of Buried Water Mains, Appendix B-1, Cathodic Protection of Notched Prestressing Wire in PCCP; Ameron International, South Gate, CA

2011 – ASCE Pipelines – Field Performance of Coatings and Linings for Welded Steel Pipe in the Water Industry

2011 – Journal of Pipeline Systems Engineering and Practice – Discussion of “Pipe Efficiency Analysis at a Water Utility” 

2012 – Coatings Pro Magazine – Linings for Large-Diameter Steel Water Pipelines

2012 – Coatings Pro Magazine – Mortar – The Forgotten Coating

2013 – ASCE Pipelines – Corrosion Protection Provided by Mortar Lining in Large Diameter Water Pipelines After Many Years of Service

2019 – Letter report to Thompson Pipe Group – Use of PCCP and BWP in AC powerline ROW’s; Effects of AC Powerlines on PCCP & BWP

2020 – ASCE Pipelines – Does My Pressure Pipeline Need Cathodic Protection?

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