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When it Comes to Concrete Pressure Pipe, ACPPA Is the World’s Leading Authority

Founded in 1949, the American Concrete Pressure Pipe Association (ACPPA) is a nonprofit trade association representing manufacturers of concrete pressure pipe around the world. ACPPA sponsors research projects and conducts educational programs to promote and advance the use of concrete pressure pipe in water and wastewater applications.

We also manage an independent audit program to certify compliance with all applicable American Water Works Association (AWWA) standards for the design and manufacture of concrete pressure pipe.

President & CEO

Kevin Brown


The ACPPA Board of Direction consists of officers representing member companies. The Board establishes and oversees the priorities, objectives and overall direction of the Association.


  • Jim Tully


    DECAST, Ltd.

  • Eugenio Favaro

    Vice Chair

    Forterra Pressure Pipe

  • Tom Jankowski


    Thompson Pipe Group – Pressure



To support the Association’s vision and mission, ACPPA members volunteer their technical expertise and professional experience by serving on the following committees:

  • Constitution & Bylaws Committee — Monitors and proposes changes to the Constitution & Bylaws to respond to changing conditions.
  • Executive Committee — Carries out the duties of the Board during the interims between meetings of the full Board.
  • Marketing Committee — Develops and delivers promotional and educational programs to raise the awareness about concrete pressure pipe.
  • Technical Committee — Monitors industry standards and sponsors research to enhance the design and manufacture of concrete pressure pipe.

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